Yoga & Wellness

Exercise is a question

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney It has been a full week again. More friends have joined the training sessions, both men and women. It made me so so happy!  I’m a bundle of joy!  The training is still going strong – every day, at the same hours, almost like clockwork. It is amazing! Not all the […]

Personal Development

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

#learningIsAGift ? #rituals of #theBeautifulJourney  Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, Refactor Your Wetware by Andy Hunt is a book packed with insights into how the mind works and examples of what one can do to harness the potential of the brain. The book discusses many topics around thinking and learning, a few main points being: The Dreyfus […]

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga learning begins

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney Lots have happened this week. I have started an Anatomy of Yoga course on   Yoga International. Those adds have worked on me! Still a bit more to go on the course. My partner, Paul, mentioned that maybe I should do my own videos, given I am enjoying all this process […]

Yoga & Wellness

Setting an intention

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney I’ve noticed I enjoy vinyasa yoga. As with everything, one starts having favourites. I love the upward dog – downward dog flow and back bends and twists and … oh, well, maybe I just really like yoga! Today, as it is a bank holiday, we started 8:30am and had a […]