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I’ve only picked up a baking challenge during the 2nd lockdown in November 2020. Since then, it changed a bit and now it is a cooking/baking challenge i.e. every week I bake/cook something I’ve not done before. When I talk about this, I usually refer to it as “The Survival Skills Project”.

Where the baking challenge would take me, I did not know when I started, but every recipe with the word “bread” in it got my attention. Here is a list of some of the “breads” I’ve baked:


Cornbread (Recipe) I’ve reduced the sugar quantity by 30g for this one.

Served with …

  • homemade, from scratch, chicken korma

P.S. In 2020 I started trying all possible seed & nut butters out there. Still looking for more. I have a small amount on toast + local honey, each morning.

Black Sesame Butter Banana bread

My interest in seed & nut butters led me to the black sesame one, but I just could not have it for breakfast, so I looked for any kind of recipes I could use it in. I found this and adapted it to non-vegan. Very unusual taste, but turned out great. I would say this is an acquired taste kind of thing.
Served with …

  • nutella butter & local honey
  • jam

Dutch oven bread (Recipe)

This is the first proper bread I’ve tried. No knead, Dutch oven bread. I’ve improvised the Dutch oven – a ceramics pot where beef stew usually gets done. I’ve made two of these, as I wasn’t happy with the first one. The dough was so much wetter than in the recipe video, so I adapted the flour quantity.
Served with …

  • homemade Moroccan tagine
  • butter & local honey

Milk & Condensed milk bread (Recipe)

This one was so nice! What would you have with it? Nutella or apricot jam? How about both at the same time?!

Naan bread

This was a two-in-one go at the challenge. I made …

  • naan breads
  • a vegetarian curry I’ve not done before

Busy evening, but it did two dinners, FTW! (Curry recipe #2 aloo matar chole ki sabji, Naan breads made from a separate recipe a friend sent me.) Yes, I’ve put the spinach in a bit too early (sigh). Still, delicious!

Garlic, spring onion and mozzarella bread (Recipe)

This is very similar to the milk bread above, but it has filling & less sugar. Also, I fried the garlic in the butter for a bit, did not use it totally raw. I made a braided loaf and a smaller tear&share. Perfect oven temperature and egg wash quantity still to be discovered.

Served with…

  • carbonara
  • cream of tomato soup

Tiger bread (Recipe)

This is my second tiger bread, but I still could not make it have that tiger look! It had the wonderful taste and smell of tiger bread, though. Served with…

  • vegetarian stuffed peppers

(recipe from Rukmini Iyer’s book “The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners”)

As part of the baking activity, cakes were made as well, but I have discovered first-hand that “cake is bad for you”, especially when you bake one every week! Lesson learned and approach adjusted – making proper bread and cooking healthy meals fits the “The Survival Skills Project” better! ? If you know a good bread recipe, send it over!

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