Yoga & Wellness

The 7 Chakras

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney Mornings, this week, were about the 7 day program that covers the chakras, run by Sianna Sherman, while the evening were the usual progression through the different body areas through various fitness and cardio exercises. Each class in the program was dedicated to a chakra and talked about it while […]

Personal Development

The Collector

#learningIsAGift ? #rituals of #theBeautifulJourney  I’ve been wanting to have a book club with friends for quite a while and eventually proceeded with the idea and was lucky to have people interested in it . The design for it was … taking turns, we choose a book taking turns, we host the meeting at our […]

Yoga & Wellness

Functional yoga and CARs

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney Lately, while gardening, I’ve noticed I try to do various tasks while assuming a yoga position and was wondering why I’ve never seen a ‘functional yoga’ video. I haven’t looked for one, but figured I would have come across it by now. Regardless, I must say that some chores feel […]

Yoga & Wellness

The somatic experience

#goodMorningSunshine ?#morningsAreBeautiful ?#rituals of #theBeautifulJourney This week had a different rhythm, mornings were quite slow, like a meditation through movement, while the evenings remained as intense as always. One of the morning classes was about the somatic experience which brings a focus on the lived experience of the body and the subtle energy. Through awareness […]

Yoga & Wellness

Tools of the trade

#goodMorningSunshine ? #morningsAreBeautiful ? #rituals of #theBeautifulJourney This was the week of switching to a program designed by someone else. I went for Heather Robertson‘s 7 day program on top of which I’ve added the muscle isolate burn sessions and the dancing. Heather also has a 12 week program (5 days/week) so it will be […]