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Positives of Lockdown

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I was saying in the 7 books article that I’m aiming to write an article per month. This is the second one. #2021monthlyArticle

You know that saying “Go with the flow”? Well, if the world decided to go upside down, I just went along with it! 😊 The lockdown positives for me were:

Daily morning yoga & afternoon fitness exercises

Although I was doing sports before, the daily yoga and fitness exercises have brought a new dimension into my life. They come with an exercise in discipline, mindset, self-awareness, presence etc. that leaks into all other aspects of life. As Scott Adams said …

“I’ve come to believe success at anything has spill-over effect on other things. You can take advantage of that effect by becoming good at things that require nothing but practice. Once you become good at a few unimportant things, such as hobbies and sports, the habit of success stays with you on more important quests.”

It’s also all the yoga and exercising that I believe have led to improvements in my health, actual issues that have gone away. This experience has been so nice for me that it made me start The Beautiful Journey blog.

Painting & Drawing

I’m happy about this because it’s something I thought I couldn’t do and I’m not sure I would have picked it up having not had so much time on my hands. With practice, I was able to do it. This activity also keeps one’s mind focused, in a good way, and that is time not spent on worrying about the world being upside down. 😊 I’ve been painting on cards that I’ve sent to family & friends on various occasions. I also tried a bit of drawing, as the skill of seeing things that way is useful in painting as well.


Study time

No commute, no more hours spent in traffic getting home at the end of a long day.

I feel like I’ve had more energy for studying, having been at home and organizing my time and space more. This is the time that I use to prepare the extracurricular meetings I run from time to time. Whilst the Change meeting series is ongoing at work, I’m preparing a series on Systems Thinking. (Soon, hopefully soon, although more like 2022.) And all the cool company trainings (& others) also need to be done somehow, right?

Good Food

It’s only with the November lockdown that I picked up on a baking challenge that eventually became a cooking & baking challenge. (I really needed the practice, just saying…) You can see some of the outcome on my instagram account: iuliana_secret_ingredient.

The other benefit is that I was able to be more disciplined with my food – what it is, how much, when. And in combination with the sports, it improved my health.

Note: For me, what is so nice about all these things is that they are about skills – either improving existing skills or discovering new ones. #practiceMakesProgress

Working from home

A lot of the above would not have happened as brilliantly as it did if I wasn’t working from home. I’ve discovered I’m loving this! I’m having more time for things, whether they are hobbies or studies. I’m having more energy as I’m no longer drained by unnecessary noise & traffic & this & that.

That said, an occasional day in the office would be great, meeting the people I work with on a project, having a chat!


  • Whilst in the quote above, the hobbies and sports are referred to as “unimportant”, don’t believe it, they are important, on their own, for health and mental wellbeing, and in a way, the quote sort of contradicts itself on this point, don’t you think?
  • I’m still working on becoming more efficient with all this extra time I’ve got on my hands, so much more to do! Tips?

Until next time… enjoy your hobbies!

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